My Book: The Art of Purposeful Being

Can a book change your life by revealing your purpose and your destiny? This one will, we guarantee it.


What I Want In a Relationship: He Said / She Said

He Said: I cannot speak to your wants, only mine. In the past I would always give way to external attractiveness, beauty, lust and romance. These were false gods that always came to naught. Now I realize there is so much more I would need to know.

She Said: Do you have holes, like a sieve, that you are looking for me to pour sand into until my beaches are rocky and barren?

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What Our Readers Are Saying:

"My wife and I are the process of deciding whether to separate or stay together. I started to read your book (which my wife picked out for me) soon after my wife and I split. It was a particularly difficult two months for me. When I entered such a stressful time your book helped me out of it."

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