Intuitive Healing Five-day Program

Maximize Your Hidden Inner Resources. Whether you take our weekend or one of our five day programs you will learn leading-edge intuitive self-solution tools.
Through the use and magic of your intuition you go beyond feelings of being trapped, stuck and unfulfilled. You learn to accept and understand  the awesome intuitive power of your soul, the source of all knowledge, wisdom and creativity. These programs are fun, exciting and full of surprises, you are led to deeper and deeper connections to your hidden intuitive, creative powers for transforming your life. This program is for all those wishing to advance further along their road to personal empowerment.

This program is for those who want to:

    • Have free access to their internal, intuitive wisdom and abilities
    • Learn powerful techniques for eliminating, emotional stress, anxiety and fear
    • Access extraordinary intuitive insights and knowledge for self and others
    • Know their true vision, passion and purpose
    • Unleash intuitive healing powers
    • Access higher levels of intimacy through greater intuitive insight and awareness
    • Improve mental ability, clarity, and creativity
  • ~Format: The five-day program includes Dr.Phiilp Winkelmans' exclusive Tools for the Soul® Kit. Activities include mind/body/spirit intuitive exercises; journaling, art and stories; individual and group opportunities for sharing and self-reflection; breath, visualizations and image-streaming processes.

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May 6-11- 2016 - Intuitive Healing Five day program                                                                                                                                             Click Here

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