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"The Art of Purposeful Being has opened new doors for me in how I relate to people, handle stress, make choices, handle expectations and view God. It has shown me abilities that I didn't know I possessed these in turn have subsequently redirected my life in a most positive and fulfilling manner."
- Ron Spafford

"I have read a lot of self help books, but this is one of the first that helps you make changes in a simple and practical manner. I loved the exercises."
- Don Larson

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Adventures With The Deceased

Werner Tillinger & Philip Winkelmans


“I started crying! Very hard buckets of water were coming down my cheeks. I'm devastated. No words can describe my pain. I have just received an email from my brother informing me that my mother has passed away.”


This email was the first I heard of my friend Werner Tillinger’s dilemma. Werner had been staying with me for about a year and a half, as he was down on his luck and try as he might he was unable to find work. Werner is in his sixties and even though he has a vast amount of business and sales experience he’s in the age bracket where it seems his German Language and Age were going against him.


Finally, he decided he was getting nowhere in our town of Nanaimo, so with very little funds in his pocket he took off for California in his older SUV. He settled for Santa Rosa, Ca. He was there for about three weeks all the time sleeping in his car with no money. By the time he received his brother’s email he was down to fifty cents in his pocket.


Then things began to happen! 


As he was sobbing and crying over his mothers death, suddenly she appeared out of nowhere in a vision right in front of him. He could see her clearly and saw that she was very angry with him for not visiting her on her 90th birthday while she was sick at her home in Germany.


He then spent a lot of time telling her that he was broke and had no way of getting to see her even though he had really wanted to. He then asked for her forgiveness. After what he claims to be about four or five hours she began to smile. This then was the beginning of an even more interesting series of events.


Werner was not new to having these types of paranormal experiences. The first time he claims to have had an experience with this other dimension was 12 years ago when his father had passed away. After about 3 weeks he decided to visit a 3rd generation Psychic. She began the session by saying, “Something was not right,” And asked him what had been happening in his life recently. He told her his father had just passed away. She looked up again and said, “There is your father in the middle of your back. When some people pass away they don’t know where to go and often they choose to go to their children.”


“What does that mean for me?”  Werner asks. She replied, “A lost soul will take energy out of your body, and it is not easy for you to live like this under those circumstances.” So he asked, “What should I do?” She said, “Talk with him and tell him why he is here, and that he should go to the light, which would

be a lot better for him and his spiritual growth.” She then told Werner what to say to him and that he could do this silently or out loud, whichever he chose. He decided to go the quiet way and talked with him in German for about 20 minutes, letting his Dad know that it was best for both of them if he would go to the light.


When he finished talking with his Dad, the Psychic checked in again and found his Dad had left Werner’s body and had probably gone into the light. Werner felt a deep sense of relief and thanked her for her help.


Werner had another experience of the afterlife while he was working in Edmonton about three years ago. During this time he was sleeping in an attic above the business premises where he worked.


One night Werner is confronted by an unexpected visitor. It began around 10pm after he went to bed. All of a sudden, out of nowhere came a resounding crash, as if someone had fallen to the floor from the ceiling. It was extremely noisy and alarming. Werner in recalling what happened said, “At first I jumped out of bed scared out of my wits. I looked around to see who or what had fallen. I couldn’t find anything or anybody. After awhile I came to realize what I was experiencing was a ghost.”


“I was faced with the question, what can I do about it? Then I remembered my father’s experience and I did the same with the ghost. When I saw the owner of the business the next day I said,”By the way did you hear the ghost last night?” He said, “Yes, no worry he won’t hurt you,” and then he walked away. This ghost was not that easy to deal with and it took a couple of months of talking before the ghost went into the light.”


So getting back to Werner and his mother, as I said earlier he talked with her and asked her for forgiveness. Now, and probably due to his previous experience of sending his father and the ghost into the light, he tells his mother to also go into the light.


In Werner’s words, “Go to the Light! I shouted! Go to the Light! This whole thing went on for four hours or more. Finally she left. About 30 minutes later I saw a Vision of her, she was engulfed in the light, and to the right side of her was my Father and to the left my Grandmother. Way in the back was my Grandfather without the light, and you could see he didn’t belong with them. Many times I said to my mother, “Please see your mother and my father they are waiting for you. Put your arms around my Father and Grandmother, which finally she did and then everybody was smiling and happy. What a relief that was for me I cannot describe it. This vision was very emotional and I felt power and energy going through my body releasing me. I felt at peace with my self and all the crying of waters stopped and a smile came over my face, what a relief!”


“Now I can communicate with them whenever I like, and I know they are happy in their world.

Is this heaven or what?


Now came another surprise. Right after my vision experience I received a phone call that somebody would like to test-drive my SUV. I then sold it for $ 5,000. Now I thought I could go to Germany to the funeral for my mother, but as I discovered the cost would be at least $ 2,500 and I had to skip my plan. For the Catholics in Germany this is very important to pay your last respects to the dead.
The sudden death of my mother was coming to everybody as a big surprise.
I know it will take me a while to deal with it emotionally.”

By this time I was curious why Werner’s Grandpa wasn’t included in the family get together. Here’s what Werner said.


“Thank you for asking. It was my Grandpa who was distant from the others. Wow! I had another wonderful experience. I did get in touch with my Grandmother and ask her why Grandpa was not with her. She said that he has to work something out within himself. Then I thought, I have to go back and ask what’s stopping him from going to the light.. At first I couldn't get any response. I said to myself, “Try doing the same thing did your with your mother.” This time I told my Grandfather to go to the light, ‘go to the light and be together with your wife and family.’ And of course this takes quite some time till they get it and understand what I’m trying to say. After awhile I just lay down and remained quiet for awhile.


All of a sudden, out of nowhere comes a vision of my Grandpa Glowing with light and smiling. I thank you Phil for asking about my Grandfather. I have to say that in real life he was not that close to the Lord.  But now it seems like everything is okay and they are all together again. What an experience. Wow!!!”


“After a couple of weeks I start having thoughts about my Nephew, the son of my grandparents, whom I’d never met. He had passed away during the Second World War in France. I did the same thing with him as I did with my Grandfather. Then the next thing I know, my Nephew appears to me in a vision with the whole family, and he was in the middle of them happy contented and pleased.


My newest project is about working with my deceased family members to gain their help at having me go into the light, and also to assist me with the problems I’m experiencing in this world. So far so good, and I can say I’m glad we’re working together. Love doesn’t know any boundaries.....


“The other day I was driving with my car and my leg was hurting. So I asked my Grandmother about it, because she mentioned in one of my Psychic readings that I should take care of my left leg. So I asked Grandmother, ‘Why am I having this issue with my left leg?’. And while I’m driving she gave me the answers and told me how I can heal it myself. What a Family! It’s exciting to know that even after they have passed on we can still help each other. Life is good but first we have to know who we are, in connection with the light!!! “


Werner’s story is still continuing. After he sold his SUV he bought and sold other cars, finally making enough to support himself. Since then his Mother’s Will has now been settled and he just inherited enough money to look after himself for at least the next couple of years. Also, he had been going to a Lutheran Church and one of the members offered him an apartment with a swimming pool and all the amenities for free, until he could afford to pay the rent.


Philip Winkelmans Ph.D is the Director of Self-Directional Institute and the author of The Art Of Purposeful Being and God Wants To Talk With You. He is a Keynote Speaker and Intuitive Life Coach. To view more of his articles and other information go to   www.toolsforthesoul.com    phil@toolsforthesoul.com




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