The Art of Purposeful Being is celebrating twenty years of its reader’s life changing experiences & testimonials.

With even newer, fresher, and more innovative insights, this expanded 20th anniversary edition continues to provide simple and practical means to awaken your true potential, and enhance your inner journey now.

The Art of Purposeful Being helps you connect with your authentic self and builds upon the works of Conversations with God by Neil Walsh, and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

The Art of Purposeful Being invites you to explore fresh, innovative insights for experiencing ecstatic joy and purpose by making changes that enhance your inner journey by helping you… 

• Unlock the blocks to your life’s true purpose and destiny  

• Subject your ego to the transformative power of your soul

• Manifest and attract all that you truly desire 

“This is a book about practical spirituality, an inquiry into personal meaning. I experience a respect for the reader, inviting and encouraging self-investigation without being preachy or doctrinaire. I like this book.”—John (Jock) Herbert Ross McKeen, Physician, cofounder of The Haven Institute, with Bennet Wong on Gabriola Island B.C..



Dr. Philip Winkelmans has spent forty years teaching and facilitating Psychological and Spiritual Grounded workshops, and is a frequent speaker on radio and television talk shows. He uses highly intuitive processes in his counselling, metaphysical seminars and workshops, which he facilitates throughout the Pacific Northwest. His home is on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.