Is Your Brain Holding You Back?

Ever wonder why your life isn’t moving forward as fast as you would like?

You dream of having it all together, but stress, anxiety and depression are often becoming the norm? Or you’re lost in transition and your expectations are turning into futile desires and empty dreams.

The Big Secret

You might be thinking I am going to offer you another quick fix, or ask you just to trust me, as I have all the answers. I don’t have the answers for your life or your maladies, neither does anyone else, but I know who has. Here’s the big secret…


You’re probably wondering, “If I have all the answers, then how come my life is so screwed up?” Or, “Why am I not experiencing more success, intimacy and a happier life?” Do you have to be intelligent, brilliant or smart to have the life you want?

Can you guess who I am talking about from the following story?

Once there was a young man that lived a fairly average life, his school grades were mediocre; he graduated and took on a job as a clerk in a small Patent Office. Then one day he came across a process that made him one of the smartest men in the world. His advice to others was…

“Nothing can be solved at the level of consciousness where it exists. None of my theories ever came by thinking of them.” If you haven’t guessed it already, then know this person was… Albert Einstein.

Let’s take the case of Thomas Edison. He had a small locked room in his Lab where he would go every afternoon for an hour or so. No one knew what he did there until after he died. After his death they broke into the room and found a bed with a bunch of journals lying around. They came to the conclusion he went into this room to sleep and program his dreams to give him answers to the inventions he was working on.

‘In a classic study at the University of Texas at Elpaso in the 1980’s, management professor Weston H. Agor tested the intuition of two thousand managers and found that the top-level leaders scored higher on intuition than those ranking lower in the corporate hierarchy.’ Premonitions by Dr. Larry Dossey.

What does the above three cases have in common?

In each case they succeeded because they went beyond their intellect and rational minds and instead relied on DIFFERENT FORMS OF INTUITION to succeed in their endeavors.

Our Western world is stuck in the area of Left Brain Thinking, and for this we pay a price. My observations show me that ‘Reason and the Intellect’ are not the main essentials for a happy or successful life. In fact they often are a handicap for having the life you really want.

Most of our education consisted of rewards for Left-brain Thinking. Ever since you were young our society has impressed upon you the value of left brain type thinking. You were rewarded in school by your teachers and parents for your high grade scores. Daydreaming, playing with images, such as those in your dreams, and other intuitive phenomena were considered not rational. Yet, this didn’t stop people from having dreams or nightmares. They were there in spite of what one believed.

Was it just luck?

Nor has your Left Brain education stopped you from having intuitive experiences even when you didn’t believe in them. Experiences such as De Je Vus, sudden flashes of insight, hunches, premonitions, and other intuitive inspirations came whether you believed in them or not. Yet, you never gave them the place of honor they deserved. Instead if you honored them at all you would just pass them all off as luck.

The CEO’S referred to earlier with higher Intuitive Scores, never called themselves intuitive, they just felt they were brainier or luckier than most. Imagine what they could have accomplished if they really accepted and honored their intuition.

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