Unleashing Your Intuition

Intuitive Healing is a result of thirty years of exploring various mind/body/spiritual practices and therapies. It began with my own mid-life crisis, and became a search for answers to the dark and depressing moods I was experiencing

As time passed I felt a desire to make transformational work my profession and managed after the age of Fifty Four to go to University and acquire three degrees. However, in spite of my professional training my depression didn’t go away.

My Break Through

Finally in ‘93’ due to some ‘intuitive’ and ‘chance coincidences’ I went on a journey that ended with a discovery that changed my life forever. I experienced for the first time a new breath of freedom and excitement that I hadn’t felt in years.

The Process

This process, which I now call Intuitive Healing involves accessing areas beyond the rational brain, or our self-limiting ego. As Einstein said, “None of my theories came about through thinking of them.”

In our left brain dominated society we have forsaken much of our own intuitive wisdom and intelligence. For example Scott Peck in his book, “Denial of the Soul” tells about the power of intuitive healing. He claimed that whenever a client was making a decision he felt wasn’t in the client’s best interest, he would ask them, “What would your soul say?” After which, and much to his own surprise, he found that they always came up with a wiser answer that would serve them better.

Unleashing Intuition

Intuitive processes like Einstein, Scott Peck and others have used, are the inspiration behind the Intuitive Healing workshops I do now. Unlike former therapies participants are now experiencing the transformational powers of their own deep inner wisdom, which helps them transcend their previous limitations and rise to higher and ever higher levels of consciousness and success in all areas of their lives.

Tools For The Soul

Discovering this Intuitive transforming power has provided the creative juices needed to produce outstanding workshops, books and my own proprietary Intuitive Tools For The Soul® System, which creates changes unlike anything I’ve seen in the past.

Helping Professionals, can train for accreditation in teaching these skills

Due to popular demand, many of my participants have asked how they too could teach, counsel or facilitate this Intuitive Healing Process. To meet this demand I, with the help of other assistants have put together a program to meet this need.

While All Intuitive Healing Programs are open to anyone, those who have other Helping Professional backgrounds see these Intuitive tools as an added benefit to any other healing modalities they may be currently using.

Therefore the basic Intuitive Healing Five Day Program can be added as an adjunct to other therapies, coaching or counseling skills. You do receive a certificate upon completion of this program.

Or you can specialize and become one of our Intuitive Life Coaches. Additional training is involved.

Intuitive Life Coaches can use their intuitive tools and skills to work with the whole person, Body (Physical Health). Mind, (Mental Health and Wellness). Spiritual, (Getting to the soul of ones internal riches and well being).

Philip Winkelmans Ph.D Founder of Self-Directional Institute; he has written the internationally acclaimed book The Art of Purposeful Being; Your Destiny Project, and is a Keynote Speaker. He often appears on TV and Radio Talk Shows.

His Intuitive Healing programs (either two day, or five day) are taught by special invitation at different places and countries around the world.

However, his home base being in Nanaimo BC CA, he regularly teaches his Intuitive Healing Programs and trainings at the Haven on Gabriola Island, BC Canada.

Additional Testimonials and this Five Day Course Descriptions can also be found on the


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The Intuitive Healer

Healing is an art form

Each client’s canvas unique,

There’s no one approach

Consistent with every one you meet

Healers are at their best when they Provide a Self-healing skill

Providing a fishing rod not a fish Is a gift that continues to fulfill

Healers are students

As students they’re also teachers

Without each other

Neither students nor teachers

Would there be

Healers are students of

Their soul’s intuition

When ego is put aside

Then healers are magicians

Healers can set themselves free By letting the ego go

and learning just to be.

Philip A Winkelmans

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