The Art of Having a Love Affair - With Yourself

Dr. Phil Winkelmans, author, coach and therapist, feels that there are two main reasons why many of us do not love ourselves to the extent we should.

1) Most of us don’t know who we really are. How can you love some one you don’t really know? Self-awareness is a precursor to self-love, otherwise we try to make others give us our identity and provide us with the love we need.

2) Even if we know who we are, most of us still wouldn’t know how to go about loving ourselves.

Dr. Winkelmans says the reason he used the word affair is that you must enter into a relationship with yourself that at first for many may seem strange and even a little challenging.

When you begin to have a love affair with yourself it tends to bring up feelings of guilt and memories of old messages on how we were told to put others first and ourselves last. So in the beginning it takes some courage to risk loving yourself in spite of what you have been told in the past. Dr. Winkelmans puts it this way, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?”

Watch for upcoming seminars on our ‘Schedule” page of our Website. For further information call, 1 (888) 877-1872 According to Dr. Winkelmans, most of us have allowed all kinds of feelings and emotions to enter our lives. Depression, anger, anxiety, stress, grief, hate, blame, addictions, guilt, rejection, and the list goes on and on. These feelings mean, you do no longer love yourself in an edifying, joyful and blissful way.

In a sense you are out of control and your feelings and emotions are in control. What above all else gets you in trouble in your relationships?

If you really think about it, you would probably agree it’s your feelings and emotions. Such as anger, blame, neediness etc.

What is the most difficult problem you have working with others? Isn’t it your feelings and emotions, meaning the way, and manner you react to others?

If you were to examine what stops you from going for your dreams, who you really want to be, what you truly want to do and have, it would probably boil down to your feelings of fear, anxiety and even low self-worth.

Dr. Winkelmans suggests that what gets in the way of having a spiritual life of bliss, ecstasy and joy are usually the layers of unwanted and unrecognized feelings and emotions that run your life ahead of the spirit.

Using an example that compares one’s life to a bus, Dr. Winkelmans says, “imagine that your bus can’t move forward as much as you would like because you have unwanted emotions and feelings,* which he suggests are your own personal inner terrorists. These emotional terrorists can, in fact, stop your bus from moving forward effectively until you kick them off your bus and deal with them.

What Dr. Winkelmans claims his seminars do is provide you with the latest psychological-intuitive energy self-healing techniques and tools that put the control of your bus back in your hands. You learn skills you can use not only on your self but your friends and family members as well.

This allows you to enjoy not only emotional freedom and become more stress free, but it will also allow the true you to be more fully present. As these other conditions begin falling away you begin to feel the true joy of being your wonderful, joyful, ecstatic self. You will begin to love and appreciate the great and wonderful person you really are.

Having difficulty with your emotions, or a feeling of being lost in transition? Call 1 (888) 877-1872 to discuss your situation and see what would work best for you? Or try one of Dr. Winkelmans many workshops, or personal telephone sessions that quickly goes to the root of your problems and concerns.

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