The Art of Intuitive Healing

A personal example of how following my intuition changed my life

Like many people, I have had so many intuitive experiences that each of which, when looking back, has made my life far richer than I would ever have believed possible.

My first book, The Art of Purposeful Being: Your Destiny Project starts with a major life changing event due to an intuitive experience I had with a ‘Rainbow’. About ten years earlier we were in Hawaii and I happened to look up and see this ‘Rainbow’ arching over a small church. The image stayed with me to the extent that when I was going through some major difficulties ten years later in ‘93’ I decided to follow my ‘Rainbow.’ This meant, jumping on a plane to Hawaii on the spur of the moment and having an experience that changed my life forever.

My life was transformed

All my life I’ve suffered from depression, and even though I had gone through years of therapy and many different spiritual and metaphysical practices, I always ended up with disappointing results.

It was after this trip that my life began to change. Mainly due to the intuitive revelations I received in Hawaii. Upon my return I began introducing these intuitive insights to my clients and in my workshops. What was amazing was seeing the amount of change they experienced when they adopted these new intuitive processes. I began seeing results that I’d never experienced before. Since then I have continued to upgrade and fine tune the process into what it is today.

People who suffered from things like depression, anxiety and stress, as well as other emotional problems began healing faster than with any of the more traditional methods I’d been using in the past.


It’s really about changing consciousness. Society’s education models train us to value our intellect, or ‘left brain thinking.’ It has the view that developing a high IQ is more valuable than learning to access the intuitive aspects of our ‘right brain.’

The people we value as being the most intelligent, such as geniuses like Einstein and Edison did not rely on just their intellect for their theories and inventions.
Albert Einstein said, “None of my theories came about through thinking of them.” He developed his own intuitive process, which gave him access to information from beyond his rational mind.

Thomas Edison had a room attached to his lab where every afternoon he would lock himself away for an hour or two. After his death they found the room contained a bed and his journals. Through studying his journals they realized that he had developed the habit of having naps in the afternoon and programming his dreams to reveal information to help him with the inventions he was working on.

Is success dependent on the intellect and how smart you are?

In a classic study at the University of Texas at Elpaso in the 1980’s, management professor Weston H. Agor tested the intuition of two thousand managers and found that the top-level leaders scored higher on intuition than those ranking lower in the corporate hierarchy. ‘Premonitions’ by Dr. Larry Dossey

The CEO’S with higher Intuitive Scores, never called themselves intuitive, they just felt they were brainier or luckier than most. Imagine what they could have accomplished if they really accepted and honored their intuition.

Imagine being one of these intuitive pioneers who dared to access their intuitive powers, and hence changed the way we view the world. Each of these three examples and others like them has been responsible for the Ideas, theories and inventions that have made our world what it is today. By daring to go outside the box of their intellect they were able to experience what many of us would have previously thought to be impossible.

Can we be trained to access these other levels of consciousness?

Harvard, Stanford and Princeton Universities think so. Each has been studying intuitive and psychic processes for years.

Many universities like Harvard teach Intuition as part of their MBA programs.

We are all intuitive and have these capabilities, yet because of ‘left brain’ dominance in our society we have not paid much attention to the miraculous powers of our intuitive function.
“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein
The Art of Intuitive Healing Program provides Self Help Intuitive tools that you can take home.

You learn during the program to practice these tools both individually and with other group members, then you can take what you’ve learned home.

Also, by learning to use and trust your Intuitive Faculties you raise your level of success in all areas of your life, including your job, relationships and health.

Who should attend?

Our programs are attended by everyone who has a desire to experience more freedom, creativity and magic in their lives. This includes Helping Professionals as well as people from all walks of life. Usually they are people who are not afraid to look inward and discover the riches they have been hiding from themselves and others.

These programs are presented by The Haven Institute on beautiful Gabriola Island, British Columbia, CA

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