Manifesting: And The Law of Attraction - Part 2

The Quick Fix Spiritual Greed Theory of This Century

The Real Secret behind Manifesting has everything to do with two major perceptions, or two ways of looking acting and feeling.

Some years ago I read a little known book by a famous author. It was called, Denial of The Soul, by Scott Peck, who wrote the all time favorite, The Road Less Traveled.

The thing that really hit home to me was his ways of helping his clients make better choices. For example if a client was making a choice that wasn’t in h/her best interest, then he would ask this IMPORTANT QUESTION, “WHAT WOULD YOUR SOUL SAY?”

What was amazing was, that his clients would then go into making a much wiser decision, which was so much more in h/her best interest.

It seems we have within us two different centers of wisdom, the one we normally use and the other we rarely use, yet when or if we do it serves us much more wisely.

Take this little test and see how much more to you there is than you realize.

Have a personal experience now of why this secret is so powerful.

The simple following exercise is more powerful than it seems, follow the instructions closely for this brief self-assessment. Here’s an example of what follows …

If love had a focal point in your body where would that be? Now point to that area with your finger. Make a mental note of this and then continue with the following instructions. If you’re unsure then just use your imagination.

1. Take a couple of seconds to relax
2. Breathe deeply a few times
3. If your ego had a physical center in your body then where would that be?

Point to what you feel is the center for it and each of the following.

4. If your intellect had a physical center in your body where would this be?
5. If your soul had a physical centre in your body, then point to where that is.

If you pointed to your head for your intellect and ego’s location, and to your chest for your Soul’s location, then you now know more than most psychologists or therapists when it comes to your development.

For the last hundred years where do you think Psychologists and Therapists have applied most of their attention towards the Ego or the Soul?

For the most part these Mental Health professionals have always focused on the Ego. Have they been focusing in the wrong area? Could this be why we have seen so little change in the area of personal development over the last hundred years?

What does the word ‘Psychology’ mean? The word ‘Psyche’ in Greek means ‘Soul’

‘ology’ or ‘Logos’ means study or theory. Therefore ‘psychology’ originally meant the study of the ‘soul.’

The big secret is that all these years’ mental health professionals have been into the Denial of The Soul.

Thanks to Freud we began seeing ourselves, as having an ‘Ego’, however he still didn’t make a direct connection to ‘The Soul’ until Scott Peck did some forty years later.

This raises the question, ‘could manifesting our desires from the ‘Ego’ be different than manifesting them from ‘The Soul?’ How would one go about doing this?

To be Continued…

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