Manifesting: And The Law of Attraction - Part 1

The Quick Fix Spiritual Greed Theory of This Century

Manifesting as in the Law of Attraction misses a key point, which surprisingly may even infringe upon your innate level of fulfillment, purpose, passion and happiness.

You can’t have lasting happiness if you are not sure of who you are, or what your true nature is. Everything starts with, “Identity, and the question, “Who am I?”

Do you want to attract fame, fortune and power?

Now ask yourself the next big question? “Can having fame, fortune, and success give me happiness?”

I think you know the answer to this question. Everyday we read how the rich and famous are being caught in their addictions, divorces and other personal life tragedies.

I’ve had my own experience in regard to the Law of Attraction and how it actually contributed to the unhappiness in my life.

For example, my wife and I decided one day to create an image of the kind of home we both would like to live in. So we went into separate rooms and drew our view of the perfect home setting. Surprisingly both images were the same. It seemed we were together on wanting a house on a hill overlooking the water.

Guess what? Six months later we were living in this beautiful house overlooking a lovely ocean front view. THREE MONTHS LATER WE DIVORCED!

Getting what we wanted, wasn’t necessarily conducive to our being happier, in fact it could have been instrumental in holding us back from what was really right for us.

So what’s the real secret behind the law of attraction?

Remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”

Carolyn Myss refers to the Law of Attraction, and manifesting, as just another aspect of spiritual greed.

So am I saying you can’t have what you want?

Think a moment; can you really get happiness from the things you want?

Here’s the big secret, “Happiness doesn’t come from things you have or get!!!”

Happiness is your birthright, you already have it and have it abundantly!

“Well how come I can’t feel it?” You say.

Could it be that you’ve bought into your society’s model of how to be happy? This level of social consciousness has been pounded into you by parents, teachers, advertising agencies and your government ever since the day you were born.

This has influenced your focus to look outward for everything including your concept of who you are and how you should live.

Want an example of this? What happens when you look in the mirror? What are you looking for? Usually its to make comparisons about yourself and the clothes you wear to the social standards of the day.

Your Identity then, is formed by the tribal level of consciousness in which you exist. Is this the real you? No, but if its not then who are you and how are you ever going to be happy until you find the real you? When you know who you are, then things you want will always be in harmony with who your true self is.

Without knowing who you truly are, then manifesting things may be furthering the separation and deepening the disconnection you feel from your true nature.

So what is the real secret behind manifesting?

To be continued in my next issue….

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