Why Intuitive Life Coaching?

Throughout my life I have continued to be impressed by the non-rational intelligence of the right brain. This is the Intuitive realm of consciousness that is responsible for all of the world’s great discoveries. We now know that creativity comes through a process of the imagination, revelation and inspiration, which are not part of the logical left brain’s way of thinking.

Unfortunately our education system’s focus for the last hundred years has been more on the Left Brain than the Right Brain. Yes the Left Brain…However, who wins the Noble Prizes…who are the geniuses in our society…those who access just their Left Brain, or those who access both their Right and Left Brain?

As Einstein said, “None of my theories came through thinking about them” and he also said, “Imagination is more powerful than thinking.”

Today we honor and are impressed by the Intuitive Thinkers in our society. And it seems these are the people who rise to the top of their various professions. (See side bar)

At Self Directional Institute we have focused on helping people develop and access skills that take them beyond their rational Left Brain mode of thinking. Our coaches undergo extensive training in Right Brain technologies so they can help their clients access the core of their particular issues.

The word Psychology comes from the Greek word ‘Psyche’ meaning ‘Soul,’ and ‘Logos,’ which relates to thought and reason. Therefore the original intention of Psychology was meant to be… the study of the Soul. However, if you surveyed most schools of Psychology today, would you say they usually focused on the Ego or the Soul? Yes, in spite of all the gains we have made in psychology over the last century, we are still missing the boat by not accessing the unlimited powers of the Soul.

A simple example of what a difference this can make was illustrated by Scott Peck a famous Psychiatrist of the last century who wrote a book called Denial Of The Soul.
In it he describes how often he was amazed at the answers his clients gave him when he asked whether or not their choices were coming from their Ego or their Soul. Often when a client was making a decision, which he felt wasn’t in their best interest; he’d ask, “What would your soul say?” And then to his surprise they would come up with an answer that was much more beneficial to their wellbeing.

For over thirty years we at Self Directional Institute have been developing state of the art personnel development tools that you can use to overcome your own individual blocks for fulfilling your true destiny and purpose.

Our Intuitive Life Coaches help you learn our Intuitive based skills that let you go beyond ego awareness and tap into the essence of your soul, which is the home of your true wisdom, creativity and passion.

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