My reasons for writing The Art of Purposeful Being; Your Destiny Project

For months I felt compelled to put on paper all the insights I had discovered that were making such a difference in my life and the lives of my clients. I wanted it in a form that would be interesting as a read alone book, but also as a guide to those that wanted or desired to enter into the deeper riches of their own souls.

I had realized through my personal inner work and the work I was now doing with clients that there are two very significant directions to personal transformation. The first being that of the Ego, and the second being that of the Soul. As mentioned in my book, the word ‘psyche’ is the Greek term for ‘Soul.’ Therefore, psychology’s true meaning is the study of the Soul. Yet most psychological disciplines seldom mention the ‘soul.’

One of the early writers and psychologists that had focused on this concept was Scott Peck who wrote about it in his book, Denial of the Soul. He tells of how when a client is making a decision that he feels isn’t in their best interest he often asks them, “What would your soul say?” He mentions how often then they come up with a much more profound answer that serves them so much better.

Life can be so much easier and richer when we know how to activate our authentic soul-self versus the self that’s limited to the ego’s wants and desires.

So the essence of my book is focused on exploring the inner riches of your soul. This should be prior to making any life changing decisions that only come from your ego and lack the richer and more authentic direction that your soul desires for your life.

Each chapter ends with a list of questions that propel you to think more deeply about all areas of your existence, therefor the book becomes a manual for your life. You only need to read a few of our many great testimonials to realize what a life changing book this really is.

I leave you with this thought, how would having access to your Soul and finding the true meaning and direction for your life be of benefit to you?

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