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Are You Emotionally Incompetent?
Are your emotions destroying your chance at success?
Philip Winkelmans

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions, how knowledgeable, or how well you plan you can still fail for one simple reason… Your inability to handle your emotions.

Two different scenarios

Once I dropped in on a friend of mine, and was amazed to see the agitated, emotional frame of mind he was in. He was swearing and banging things around and hopping all over the place venting his anger. So when he calmed down a bit I questioned him as to what the problem was. He said a $2,000.00 pump on his earth removing equipment had broken down and it had been off of its guarantee for only one month.

Is Your Brain Holding You Back ?

Ever wonder why your life isn’t moving forward as fast as you would like?

You dream of having it all together, but stress, anxiety and depression are often becoming the norm? Or you’re lost in transition and your expectations are turning into futile desires and empty dream

Unleashing Your Intuition

Intuitive Healing is a result of thirty years of exploring various mind/body/spiritual practices and therapies. It began with my own mid-life crisis, and became a search for answers to the dark and depressing moods I was experiencing

The Art of Having a Love Affair - With Yourself

Dr. Phil Winkelmans, author, coach and therapist, feels that there are two main reasons why many of us do not love ourselves to the extent we should.

What I Want In a Relationship: He Said / She Said

Soul searching thoughts on relationships.

The Art of Intuitive Healing
A personal example of how following my intuition changed my life

Like many people, I have had so many intuitive experiences that each of which, when looking back, has made my life far richer than I would ever have believed possible.

Manifesting: And The Law of Attraction - Part 2

The Quick Fix Spiritual Greed Theory of This Century
The Real Secret behind Manifesting has everything to do with two major perceptions, or two ways of looking acting and feeling.

What is “Intuitive Life Coaching”?

Stop: Tried – Counseling - Therapy-
Medications - still no change!!
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Manifesting: And The Law of Attraction - Part 1

The Quick Fix Spiritual Greed Theory of This Century
Manifesting as in the Law of Attraction misses a key point, which surprisingly may even infringe upon your innate level of fulfillment, purpose, passion and happiness.
You can’t have lasting happiness if you are not sure of who you are, or what your true nature is. Everything starts [...]

Is Imagination Making or Destroying Your Life?
Philip Winkelmans Ph.D
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein
The Power of Imagination
Imagination is one of our most powerful mental tools. Just think of the power of something as simple as the Placebo Effect, which is instilled in the imagination of a patient by a doctor's prescription. Historically, the Placebo Effect (sugar pill) has been as effective and in some cases more effective than prescribed medications.This makes it one of the most successful of all prescription drugs. It has no side effects, it's inexpensive and it works on all health challenges. It works by your imagination.
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