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"The Art of Purposeful Being has opened new doors for me in how I relate to people, handle stress, make choices, handle expectations and view God. It has shown me abilities that I didn't know I possessed these in turn have subsequently redirected my life in a most positive and fulfilling manner."
- Ron Spafford

"I have read a lot of self help books, but this is one of the first that helps you make changes in a simple and practical manner. I loved the exercises."
- Don Larson

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Intuitive Life Coaches

Philip Winkelmans Ph.D

I help people who are frustrated, stressed, and anxious find their true Passion, Purpose and Vision for their lives. On my website I offer one free half hour coaching session a week. Many people today find themselves in transition, a place of insecurity, stress and anxiety. In our free call I help you evaluate the stuck places in your life, while showing you more attractive options, which you can activate immediately. If you’re interested click here for a chance at a free coaching call and I’ll let you know if and when we can get together. Why stay stuck when there is another option to consider? Register now!

Dr. Phil Winkelmans
6234 Waterbury Road, Nanaimo BC V9V 1L5
1 250 390 1066
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